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Award-winning and engaging workforce solutions.

Our e-Learning innovation has led companies across the world to rediscover the power of their workforce. Now it’s time we did the same for you.

Innovative digital service:

We use Flash, HTML5, SCORM-compliant, Skype for business and more. We can develop digital services that adapt to your existing systems or help update your current content – meaning our services are efficient to roll out too.

We also provide as standard, full training to staff wherever they may be – we believe in ensuring our learning is accessible to all and taking care of delivery for you.

Inclusive Learning Styles:

Learning should be for everyone. So that’s why we follow Kolb’s Learning Style philosophy, 70:20:10, 40:20:40 and others.

Sounds impressive right? But what does it mean?

It means that we know that not everyone learns in the same way. Some of us work better by observing, others by doing, seeing or feeling.

Thanks to our CIPD qualification, we are confident in providing each and every employee with an inclusive approach to learning and equal opportunity to aspire and achieve.

This means that you receive genuine support that really does work.

Flexible Content and delivery:

We offer blended learning, both virtual and physical, instructor-led, self-led and mentor-led delivery. We apply Bloom’s theory to ensure we deliver content that can be understood, recalled, reproduced, analysed and evaluated.

We love innovative digital transformation but CIPD is the backbone to our business – we know that you need learning and development that works.

Effective Talent Management:

We’re in the business of supporting people and organisations be the best they can be. We are dedicated to helping you develop and retain your most valuable asset: your staff.

For you?

Using our on-boarding and career development solutions, we can guide you through full succession planning strategies that will address your recruitment and retention targets.

For your staff?

Effective feedback and performance management that is more than just ticking a box. We can show you and your staff how to improve the appraisal processes for a healthier and more productive working relationship.

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